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— Velox Transportation Solutions — new trucks, deal directly to save

— Rigoberto “Rigo” Diaz is all about trucking. For years he owned the second largest trucking company in South Florida. In 2012, he became the co-founder and president of FFVA trade associate member Velox Transportation Solutions.

The Miami-based company operates 210 tractor-trailer trucks, nearly half of which feature refrigerated trailers, in high demand among growers of fresh product such as fruits and vegetables. “At this time of year, the crops are being harvested and there is always a shortage of trucks to assist the growers in moving their goods to the northern market,” Diaz said.

The company uses a combination of owner-operated trucks and their own fleet and drivers. “Out of the 210 trucks, 140 are company-owned. Owner-operators have to meet our standards as far as equipment quality and proper insurance coverage. We have to make sure that whatever we transport is 100 percent covered as far as liability and cargo damage,” he explained.

Rigo Diaz heads Velox Transportaion Solutions, which supplies trucks for shipping fresh produce.

The company has grown quickly in its young life, Diaz said, because of the team he has assembled, his experience, and support from vendors and others.  In addition to Miami, it has centers in Jacksonville and the Florida Panhandle. “From South Florida we cover Homestead, Florida City, Immokalee, Fort Pierce, up to Central Florida. The other locations cover northern sections of the state,” he said. Most of the early business was conducted through brokers because Diaz’ team was busy putting together company policies and procedures and prepping the company for growth.  Once that structure was in place, Diaz said, he decided that it was time to go straight to the grower-shipper community.

“I said, ‘This is the year we go directly to the growers.’ We want them to know we can save them money by not having to deal with the middleman. It’s going to bring a heck of a savings to the growers by cutting their transportation costs by 20 to 30 percent,” Diaz said.

The company’s equipment is all new and features the latest in technology, he said. Diaz’ team can monitor the temperature of the product inside the trailer throughout the route. “So if a grower requires his berries or his watermelons to be at X temperature, we can monitor it and if there is any fluctuation, we are immediately notified by email, thanks to satellite technology,” he said.

In addition to running the company, Diaz makes giving back to the community a priority. “We are a sponsor of the Villa Lyan School, a school for children with learning disabilities. We provide scholarships for families with kids with disabilities who need this type of specialized attention,” he said.

Diaz looks forward to helping Florida growers this season and in the future. “We want to open up our company to the growers. I believe we can be beneficial to the Florida agriculture industry by helping them save money on transportation costs,” he said. “We’re a truly professional company that is going to be dedicated to them.”

Contact Rigo Diaz at or at 877-214-2395. Velox’s headquarters is at 5800 NW 74th Ave., Miami, 33166.

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