Trade Associate Update – NAPA takes AIM at its agricultural customers

To NAPA and its customers, AIM stands for Agricultural, Industrial and Municipal. This is another way for NAPA, the company known for auto parts, to serve the needs of customers in these three areas.

Mike Pettyjohn, senior market manager for AIM products, explains. “We’ve always been able to service those markets with a basic core line including filters, belts, hoses and hydraulics,” he said. “We decided to add specific industrial and tractor product lines a couple years ago. Now we are making sure people are aware of these offerings by placing them in a new section of our stores we call AIM Centers.  We developed new signage and a new promotional flyer to better inform current and new customers from agribusiness, industrial locations and municipalities. The product line stretches across all those markets,” Pettyjohn said.

One of the first stores to feature an AIM Center was in Homestead. “We added the AIM products in April. Because of the high concentration of farms in the area, it’s doing well,” said Ryan Hayden, operations manager for NAPA’s Florida division. “So many of the farmers and fleet managers had been coming to us for basic things like filters. Now they see the AIM products displayed and say, ‘Wow, I didn’t know you sold all that!’  It’s the same reaction we received when we had our exhibit table set up at the FFVA convention.”

A key component to the success of the AIM program is ready availability of inventory. NAPA has three distribution centers in Florida, located in Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami. These distribution centers ensure that customers are never far from the parts they need. NAPA has the most distribution centers of any automotive network and can move product quickly. “If a customer needs a greater quantity of a specific item than is currently stocked by the local NAPA store, the NAPA distribution center network is able to make sure all the parts the customer needs are delivered in a timely manner. When a part is broken, the replacement is needed immediately. Waiting a week for delivery doesn’t cut it. It’s all about inventory readiness,” said Pettyjohn.

Pettyjohn and Hayden said NAPA has had a continuous presence in the auto parts industry since the 1920s. NAPA is a division of Genuine Parts Company (GPC). Genuine Parts Company is a service organization engaged in the distribution of automotive replacement parts, industrial parts, office products and electrical and electronic materials.

The Automotive Parts Group that includes NAPA distributes more than 380,000 products through its 58 distribution centers across the United States. The Automotive Parts Group also distributes products throughout Canada and Mexico. GPC’s corporate headquarters is located in Atlanta.

“We want people to know we’ve been around longer than anyone else in the auto parts business and we know how to cover their needs,” said Hayden. “We’re more than just quality auto parts. We have products to cover whatever you’re working on. Not just automotive starters and alternators, but also industrial starters and alternators … and much more.”

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