Trade associate update – Global Minority Labor Solutions, LLC

FFVA trade associate member Paulette Bekolo was looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity a few years ago, and she found one in the farm labor field. Bekolo, a Haitian American, is a tax accountant who saw a need to supply legal workers to North Carolina farmers, and now to Florida and Texas farms.

She founded Global Minority Labor Solutions in 2012 with the intent to provide dependable and reliable farm, and non-farm workers as well as handymen and women for fruit and vegetable operations, nurseries, ranches and landscaping companies.

“We offer outstanding professional experience and meet all the guidelines and regulations to ensure the grower complies,” Bekolo said. “Our license with the U.S. Department of Labor provides a capacity of up to 100 employees, including 50 H-2A and 25 H-2B workers (who can also be combined). This capacity can be increased with rising needs.”

Bekolo hires members of the Haitian community, as well as Latino and local workers. “You don’t need to hire several companies; we offer a single solution in providing complete process to your workers, as well as accounting, tax, and management support,” she said.

Bekolo says her biggest challenge is to reach growers and let them know what Global Minority Labor Solutions offers. To that end, she has joined numerous industry associations and participates in their trade shows and conferences. “I learn a lot at the conferences,” she said. “There’s always something new to learn about regulations, industry trends and what growers and others need.”

Bekolo holds a master’s degree in accounting with specializations in tax accounting, business administration and court interpretation. She speaks English, French, Spanish and Haitian Creole and is a member of the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society and the Golden Key International Honor Society.

“What I like most about what I do is being able to help people get food on the table and also to be able to remove a lot of the burden from the grower.”

Learn more about Global Minority Labor Solutions at or contact Paulette Bekolo at 919-537-6962 or via email at

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