Trade associate member update – Agrium Advanced Technologies

FFVA trade associate member Agrium Advanced Technologies has deep roots in the fertilizer industry. It is a strategic business unit of Agrium Inc., a company with a rich history dating to the early 1930s.

Parent company Agrium is a major retail supplier of agricultural products and services in both North and South America and a leading global producer and marketer of agricultural nutrients and industrial products.

“Agrium Advanced Technologies was founded in 2006, when Agrium combined three former companies: Agrium Diversified Products, Pursell Industries and Nu-Gro Technologies,” said Roger Gunning, Eastern region sales manager. “This made us the world’s largest manufacturer of controlled and slow-release nutrient products, which include ESN®, DURATION AG®, POLYON®, XCU®, NITROFORM® and NUTRALENE®,” he said.

Agricultural products such as ESN and DURATION AG fertilizer are proving to be very beneficial for increasing yields on many crops. Gunning said those controlled-release nutrient products allow Florida producers to decrease nutrient applications and more effectively manage nutrient availability to crops in Florida’s unpredictable weather.

“The products we offer provide a continuous supply of nutrients to the crop and reduce the risk of leaching and volatilization,” Gunning said. “Our products save growers time, money and labor, while ensuring that nutrients are available when their crops need it.”

In addition to formulating products that provide maximum benefit and value to growers, Agrium Advanced Technologies is also focused on sustainability and respecting the soil. Nutrients play a unique role in replenishing our soils and sustaining the world’s growing need for food, fiber and fuel. They also contribute to the farmer’s ability to generate profits that keep them in business. When crops are harvested, nutrients that were present in the soil are lost. If nutrients are not replaced, the soil quality and productivity decline. By working with growers, industry associations, government and researchers, Agrium Advanced Technologies works to ensure nutrients are applied in amounts that maintain a high level of environmental responsibility.

The company is made up of four business units: agricultural technologies, turf and ornamental technologies, direct solutions distribution and international distribution. Agrium Advanced Technologies is the world’s largest producer of enhanced-efficiency fertilizers, with core operations that include nine production facilities, 26 storage facilities, and a technology innovation lab.

The company has only been a member of FFVA for about a month and is relatively new to the Florida agricultural market, Gunning said. “We’re doing multiple tests on a variety of crops and have had very good results.  ESN and DURATION AG would be a good place to start for any grower who is interested in maximizing the efficiency of their nutrient application.”

Learn more about Agrium Advanced Technologies at its website.

Send an email to  to Roger Gunning at or call him at 765-635-4936 with your questions.


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