WISEarth Organics

FFVA trade associate member WISEarth Organics has made a long journey in a short time.

Founded by CEO Earl Devoto in 2006, Dallas-based WISEarth Organics has become a global enterprise with a presence in North America, South America, the Far East, Africa and Europe, according to Lange Sykes, regional vice president.

Sykes says the company’s success is a result of its product line, WISEarth Organics organic fertilizer. “Our products are unique,” he said. “There’s nothing out there like what we have on the market. We have proprietary patents on seven different species of microbes that are geared toward plant growth. Combine those with mycorhaizae fungi, our complex blend of chelated minerals and organic acids and you have very effective formulas.”

The work to develop WISEarth’s unique product line started as a quest for an organic “root stimulator” derived from liquid dairy cow manure.  Researchers put their heads together and their work eventually moved from a manure-based product into a higher-efficacy dry organic fertilizer that has nothing to do with manure.

“All our products are WSDA certified, a Washington State certification that is truly the gold standard for organic certification around the country,” said Sykes, adding that a grower does not need to be 100 percent organic to benefit from the formulations. “We’re a crossover in that we can add something to the growing program of either a conventional grower or a certified organic grower.”

WISEarth Organics offers wetable powders that mix into drip irrigation systems as well as a suite of granular products that can be applied to the root base of the plant.

Sykes explains how the products work. “Our formulation helps to significantly increase the root volume and ability of the plant to mine water and uptake minerals and nutrients. That means also that a grower can reduce water usage across the board by about 35 percent because of the plant’s ability to mine water and minerals more efficiently. The grower will also be able to reduce the amount of fertilizer that’s being put on the crop because the plant has the ability to uptake what it needs more efficiently,” Sykes said. Other benefits in plants such as tomatoes, Sykes says, include an increase in soluble solids, increased bud set, increased bloom set, overall increased vigor and better plant health.

In addition to tomatoes, crops such as sugarcane, peanuts, strawberries, blueberries and leafy greens can benefit from use of the WISEarth suite of products. “We’re doing some testing right now with citrus, and although we’re working with mature trees, which means our tests run longer, we feel we have some good things to offer the citrus industry. We’re just not quite through with our testing.  We should know more in the next couple of months,” said Sykes.

Learn more about this growing company and its offerings on its website or contact Lange Sykes with any questions at (772)-473-7983 or via email (LSykes@WISEarth.com).

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