Trade associate member update – Florida Coast Equipment

Investing in the shop of the future

– You could say FFVA trade associate member Florida Coast Equipment has been waiting six years for this moment.

“We’ve been members of FFVA for six years. We’ve spent that time getting to know the members and learning how we can be more valuable to them,” said Todd Bachman, president of Florida Coast Equipment, which sells and services Kubota tractors and other equipment. And now it’s show time.

Several weeks ago, Bachman and his team had their grand opening of Florida Coast’s new West Palm Beach facility at 357 Pike Road. Previously located in Boynton Beach, it’s now in a strategic location just off the Florida Turnpike.

“It was time. When we opened the Boynton Beach facility in 1986, it was in the center of much of Palm Beach agriculture. But in the last 20 years, and especially the last 10, there’s been an enormous amount of development around that spot. Now we have visibility from the turnpike. If you’re coming south on the turnpike, say heading to Belle Glade, you’ll see us right away. We’re essentially right off of Southern Boulevard.”

Kubota executives join the Florida Coast Equipment team and families for the grand opening of the West Palm Beach location.

The goal of the relocation was to show potential customers that Florida Coast is the premier service facility in the area for its Kubota tractors and other equipment.  “We enjoy selling tractors and mowers and utility vehicles and the entire line, but at the end of the day we wanted to build a showcase that ensures that we can service customers better today than we could yesterday,” Bachman said.

The building dimensions prove his point. The facility dedicates 18,000 of its total 28,000 square feet to service and parts, a major departure from traditional equipment dealerships.

“The big thing that changed is that now we are launching our first M7-Series tractor this year, which will be 140, 150 and 175-horsepower tractors.  It will be the first true agricultural row crop tractor that Kubota has ever built. That was really the catalyst for building this facility. Our facilities were built in the ‘40s and they were great for us to work on 25- to 50-horsepower tractors. Now we’re going to have a true agricultural row crop tractor, and we needed to make sure we had the facilities to service that product,” Bachman said.

To illustrate the seriousness of Florida Coast Equipment’s focus on serving its customers, the dealership was honored last year with Kubota’s Elite Award of Excellence, the company’s most prestigious dealership certification and designation. It recognizes dealers that are “providing customers with the ultimate Kubota experience from top quality equipment, to sales and financing, customer satisfaction and best-in-class service.”

The launch of Kubota's new M7-Series tractor line spurred the opening of the new Florida Coast Equipment location.

In addition to the newly opened West Palm Beach location, Florida Coast Equipment is building an 18,000-square-foot facility in Fort Pierce that will open later this year. “It will be the same concept –much more of a service center than a sales center,” Bachman said.

“Since we’ve been members of FFVA, we’ve spent time getting to know the members’ businesses and how we fit in. We’ve just been trying to position ourselves as what we are – a true, viable option for row crop vegetables, whether it’s service, sales or parts availability – down to the right size tires for tractors. That’s what we’ve worked really hard to do – just to get on the farm, learn what it is these producers do, learn what it is that they need and make sure that we come to market with those things,” Bachman said.

In addition to the new West Palm Beach location, Florida Coast Equipment operates a location in Naples at 694 Commercial Blvd. and has a location under construction in Fort Pierce at 15900 Westpark Lane.

Learn more about Florida Coast Equipment and the Kubota line here.

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