Trade associate member update – Crop Production Services

— Products and services tailored to order —

Although incarnations of FFVA trade associate member Crop Production Services have been serving the agriculture industry in a multitude of ways for well over 100 years, the company’s philosophy is simple: to provide customers with the products and services they need to grow the best crops possible. CPS does this farm by farm and one customer at a time, with a passion to provide the best inputs available and a dedicated service team at every location.

In the Florida region, CPS began eight years ago as United Agri Products with one retail fertilizer facility in Mulberry. CPS’ parent company, Agrium, bought the company and it became part of Crop Protection Services. Today, CPS operates nine Florida locations.

CPS headquarters for the United States, Canada, South America, Mexico, Australia and Latin America is located in Greeley, Colo.

The company’s broad inventory of products includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and more.

Matt Stacey, sales representative, and Matt Arnold, location manager at CPS’ Southwest Florida location, said that they mainly serve growers of citrus and vegetables such as tomato, pepper, potato, squash and eggplant, as well as sugar cane.

“We sell products available from all major manufacturers. We also have a line of our own products manufactured by Loveland Products, which Agrium owns. Those products include different types of adjuvants and post-patent chemistry and fertilizers,” Stacey said. Learn more about Loveland products here.

Stacey says the emphasis among many of its customers today is on citrus greening disease.

“We deal a lot with insecticides that are prone toward controlling psyllids (the carriers of the disease that causes misshapen, inedible fruit). We are integrally involved with many different citrus growers’ insect management, not only on the pesticide side, but also by working with them on various nutritional solutions to strengthen the trees and manage the disease until there is a cure,” he said.

Matt Arnold (left) and Matt Stacey of Crop Production Services.

CPS tailors its service to its customers. “Some people know what they want and just call their orders into our office,” Arnold said. “They tell us how much they want, where they want it delivered and when. We also have customers we visit and work with on an almost daily basis to see what their needs are and find solutions. We try to interact with the customer as best we can and provide them with the solutions that are unique to their needs.”

Stacey says the company’s track record speaks for itself. “We align ourselves with growers who are very proactive as far as dealing with some of the challenges. What we strive to do is to provide them with the best, affordable products that they can use on their crop to help them meet those challenges. In addition to providing chemical, fertilizer and seed inputs, we try our best to work beside them and give them the best advice we can give them as well.”

Learn more about Crop Production Services here or call Matt Stacey and Matt Arnold at 239-657-3169.

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