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Choptank Transport

–  100 percent service –

(L to R) Scott Sherman, Sales; Seth Baughman, Logistics; Uzzie De La Iglesia, Sales & Nick Ferraro, Logistics

Choptank Transport, a recent addition to the roster of FFVA trade associate members, provides a full spectrum of transportation and logistics services for its customers, who are mostly growers, shippers or distributors of fresh food.

In 1891, its parent company, AW Sisk & Son, began bringing canned vegetables from the northeastern states to the Mid-Atlantic region, where its headquarters remain today. Choptank Transport operated as an arm of AW Sisk until 2000, when it branched out into a separate company. The company’s name comes from a river near its corporate office on the eastern shore of Maryland.

Scott Jarrett serves as general manager for the Tampa regional office. “We just opened this office last November in order to better serve our Florida and Southeastern customers,” he said. “We have five other regional offices across the country. I’m one of the lucky few to get to start a new regional branch.”

Choptank is an award-winning company that has a network of almost 20,000 truckload carriers across the United States. Most are small transportation companies and some are owner/operator sole-proprietor drivers. “We have a very stringent carrier compliance department with three full-time employees who monitor those carriers on a daily basis,” Jarrett said.

Florida customers appreciate the company’s flexibility and service, he said. “One of the advantages of using a broker like us is that we can adjust to surges based on seasonality of the products we ship. Sometimes, in a busy season, shippers can’t get their hands on enough trucks. Our customers lean on us at those times to help with overflow. We ramp up, time the market and make an effort to understand the current market conditions. We’ve been doing a good job from afar, but now we’re closer to the action by being located here in the state,” Jarrett said.

Choptank is happy to offer its customers the services of a logistics staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Our logistics coordinators are there for the customer throughout the life of a load if any problems or issues arise,” Jarrett said. “Drivers and customers always have 24-hour access to a human being.”

Choptank has received numerous awards and honors, including being named Feeding America’s 2010 Logistics Partner of the Year. “Being recognized by Feeding America is a great honor for Choptank and our employees,” said Geoff Turner, Choptank’s president and CEO upon receiving the award. “Even more gratifying is the fact that our hard work and service directly affects the needs of millions of people across the country, and we are honored to be a part of it.”

Feeding America is the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, supplying food to more than 37 million Americans annually, 14 million of which are children and 3 million seniors.

In addition to Feeding America’s recognition, Choptank has received accolades from the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Small Trucking Companies, the U.S. Small Business Administration and more.

“Our business is 100 percent service-oriented. We don’t sell trucks. We don’t sell anything that’s tangible. It’s all about the ability for us to outsource effectively and get that shipment handled and delivered on time, safely and move on to provide that same quality level of service on your next load,”  said Jarrett.

Learn more about Choptank Transport on the company’s website or call Scott Jarrett in Tampa at 800-568-2240, ext. 360.

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