Trade associate member update: AgXplore – dedicated to meeting growers’ day-to-day challenges

In 1999, cotton consultant Dr. Barry Aycock realized his version of the American Dream. He founded AgXplore with an aim toward helping cotton growers improve yields through effective nutrient management. Since then, AgXplore has grown into a full line manufacturer that today offers  more than 30 products, including nitrogen and phosphorus management aids, specialty fertilizers, adjuvants and micronutrients for a wide variety of crops.

Florida sales representative Cathy Atchley describes why the company’s products are popular. “Plant health and soil health are vital to maximizing crop production and ensuring efficient use of inputs. AgXplore products are designed to promote both overall plant health, and a living, healthy soil. By working toward the common goal of overall crop health, AgXplore helps meet the needs for advanced nutrient management plans,” she said.

The products benefit a wide spectrum of crops in Florida, including fruiting crops such as citrus, vegetables and berries, as well as sugar cane and grasses. The products focus on increasing nutrient availability while reducing environmental impact in Florida’s unique watersheds and aquatic ecosystems.

Products offered by AgXplore include NZone Max, a nitrogen management aid; Prevent, which manages phosphorus; TopSide, which manages nitrogen during key growth stages and improves soil biology; and NutriPak, AgXplore’s proprietary nutrient blend designed to increase yield, improve crop quality, increase plant mass and promote healthy soil.

AgXplore is continually in research and development mode, says Marketing Director Misti McBride. “We’re looking forward to developing new products that will complement some traditional favorites such as NutriPak, HumaPak and NZone Max,” she said. “We plan to continue to meet the day-to-day challenges that growers face in the field. We’re always looking to help them with key issues surrounding nutrient use, water quality and Best Management Practices.”

Reaching out to new and existing customers is part of what makes AgXplore successful. For example, you can look for Cathy Atchley in the field and at the Florida Citrus Expo in August. She and McBride encourage expo attendees to drop by Booth 605. “We’ll be glad to answer any questions growers have about AgXplore or our product line,” said McBride. “We’ll be introducing items in our citrus health program, plus nitrogen and phosphorus management aids for Florida’s unique soil types.”

To learn more about AgXplore and its products, visit the company’s website or give Cathy Atchley a call at 863-517-5500. You can also send her an email at

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