FFVA trade associate member update – Tosca Ltd.

FFVA trade associate member Tosca Ltd. is a leading provider of reusable container pooling and logistics services to the food supply chain. The company, operating since 1958, began by targeting two iconic industries in its home state of Wisconsin, beer and cheese, and has grown to serve the meat, dairy and fresh produce industries. With the acquisition of the reusable plastic container (RPC) division of Georgia-Pacific, LLC (GP RPC) in August 2012, Tosca expanded its reach into the fresh produce segment to better serve produce growers, grocery retailers, and food service operators.

Tosca issues RPCs to growers throughout North and South America. Growers transport their fresh produce to retailers and processors, and Tosca recovers the RPCs for sanitation and reuse. Tosca operates state-of-the art wash facilities that meet FSI, OMRI, and HACCP sanitation standards to provide growers RPCs that are clean, dry, and on time.

Tosca’s structurally sound, reusable plastic containers have many advantages. They feature a superior latching system, that once set-up in the field or shed – cannot be knocked down. This reliable shipping platform remains intact during transit, protecting the product and reducing shrink. Other key features include easy set-up and knock-down, interlocking tabs for cross-stacking and column stacking, and come in a variety of sizes that handle most commodities.

Finally, Tosca’s customer service and account management team members work hard to support customer needs. With years of industry experience – touching all facets of agriculture, packaging, and retail – Tosca team members are a proven resource that creates value for its customers.

“As a leader in renting, servicing, and managing pools of returnable containers in fresh produce, meat, and dairy, Tosca is equipped to provide growers with an elevated level of service and innovative RPC products that are unparalleled in the industry,” said Eric Frank, president, Tosca Ltd.

Growers of fresh fruit and vegetables can learn more about Tosca Ltd. by visiting the company’s website. Contact Tosca via email at industry_produce@toscaltd.com or by calling its RPC division at 877-457-4011.

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