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Nicole Williams, CEO/owner of Application Dynamics

How do you turn a hobby into a successful business? Ask Nicole Williams, CEO and owner of FFVA trade associate member Application Dynamics. Williams’ love of research and problem-solving keeps her up on the latest natural agricultural products, which she offers to growers nationwide.

Based in Cape Coral, Application Dynamics was founded as Howe Brothers in 1967 by Williams’ father and uncle. Both were aerial applicators, flying a B-25 aircraft over Florida citrus groves. Later, when the two went their separate ways, Williams’ father, Richard Howe, formed Howe Enterprises. The company continued to evolve over the years, specializing in mosquito control at first. Now, as Application Dynamics led by Williams, the company is a distributor for natural product lines of fertilizers, fungicides, bactericides, insecticides and more. All products are either all natural or certified organic.

“We have everything a grower would need for farming tomatoes, peppers, berries, peaches, citrus and other crops,” Williams said. “We also have weather stations and plant health monitoring stations for various crops. We have everything from soil meters to full weather stations that participate in the FAWN program. And I’m always bringing in new technologies.”

One of the products Williams says is helpful to Florida farmers is Procidic, a fungicide/bactericide that has shown great promise when plants develop a resistance to certain products.

“Procidic is more than 20 years old, but it’s only been used in Florida for six years. The University of Florida has done a lot of research on it – it’s in the fifth growing season there – with good results,” Williams said.

Application Dynamics also carries products such as Neem7, an insecticide; Safestrike, a nutrient; Fast2Grow, a bio stimulant; and MightyGrow, a fertilizer. They can be uses alone or to complement synthetics.

“I’m also in talks with another company to bring in some beneficial bacteria, which will help the citrus growers,” Williams said. “I’m a firm believer in plant health and preventive maintenance, especially for HLB/citrus greening disease. I think a really good program is to try to eliminate the bad bacteria and replace it with good bacteria and then give the tree a really good feeding. A good nutritional fertilizer can help the tree itself.”

Application Dynamics also is the exclusive distributor of the AeroMister, cold fog generator for aerial mosquito control.

“I’m always looking for something new, something different to offer – I love doing research, especially with insects. My background is mainly in entomology. … I’ve always been a curious type like my father, always exploring the limits and improving the way to do things. I get that from him,” Williams said.

Application Dynamics’ products are listed on the company’s website, Williams encourages growers to call her directly to discuss their needs. “That way we can go visit them, possibly send out sample products and help them with their individual problems,” she said. “I’ll have people call me and I’ll come out to the farm and take a look, scratch my head and try to figure out the best way to help. With my family being aerial applicators, I really do understand operations, and I’m always looking for what’s best for the growers. I try to save money for them and anything I can do to help, I will. I love science and I love problem-solving, so this is the perfect line of work for me.”

Contact Nicole Williams at 941 456-2375 or send her an email at

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