Trade associate member update: The Andersons

The Harvester recently had a chance to chat with John Guglielmi, director of sales and marketing, and Jennifer Hodges, marketing representative, for The Andersons, Southern Region.

The Andersons is a publicly traded company with diverse interests that include agribusiness, such as grain and plant nutrients as well as rail car leasing and repair, industrial products formulation and more.

How do you describe your company to people who don’t know what you do?

The Andersons, Inc., Southern Region has provided quality products and professional service since 1965. Today, we are a leading producer, dealer and applicator of liquid fertilizer and crop-protection products in the Southeastern United States. We are also a major producer and marketer of dust abatement and water treatment products in the region. With three production facilities and a dedicated chemical warehouse strategically located throughout Florida and a team of certified crop advisors on staff, The Andersons, Inc. Southern Region is able to quickly and accurately provide solutions specifically tailored to each individual customer.

Is the Southern Region very different from other regions/divisions?

The Andersons, Inc. is a diverse company that includes six business units: Grain, Ethanol, Plant Nutrient Group, Rail Group, Turf and Specialty Group, and Retail Group.  The primary difference of the Southern Region is the diversity of crops.

Which of your products and your services are most valuable to our Florida fruit and vegetable growers?

We offer a variety of liquid fertilizers that allow for custom formulations and the ability to spoon feed crops with light, frequent applications through fertigation or foliar applications.

Discuss what the Plant Nutrient Group provides.

The Plant Nutrient Group provides more than 2 million tons of liquid and dry nutrients (fertilizer) that are formulated, stored and distributed to agribusiness and industrial accounts.  We have 21 wholesale distribution terminals in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as leased locations in Puerto Rico.  In addition, 11 full-service retail farm centers serve Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Florida.  Six of the Plant Nutrient Group locations are ISO 9001 certified.

What does 4R stand for and what is it all about?

The Andersons, Inc., Southern Region is very involved with the 4R Nutrient Stewardship program. 4R nutrient stewardship provides a framework to achieve cropping system goals, such as increased production, increased farmer profitability, enhanced environmental protection and improved sustainability. To achieve those goals, the 4R concept incorporates the Right fertilizer source at the Right rate, at the Right time and in the Right place. 4R nutrient stewardship requires the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) that optimize the efficiency of fertilizer use. The goal of fertilizer BMPs is to match nutrient supply with crop requirements and to minimize nutrient losses from fields.

What issues or policies pose challenges for The Andersons?

Water is a major focus of The Andersons. We are committed to providing products that allow for the most efficient use of water through fertigation (fertilizing while irrigating) and foliar applications using water as the nutritional carrier.

What plans do you have for the future that your customers can look forward to? 

The Andersons is a growing company, and we look forward to expanding our footprint in the United States and in developing technologies that will improve fertilizer use, efficiency and stability. Although we cannot share anything specific, you can expect to hear from and about The Andersons in the coming months.

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