FFVA trade associate member update

Nichino America, Inc.– a long tradition of crop protection

FFVA trade associate member Nichino America, Inc., offers crop protection products with an emphasis on targeted performance as well as flexibility and ease of application. A wholly owned subsidiary of Japan-based Nihon Nohyaku Co. Ltd., Nichino America produces several products for weed, insect and disease control, as well as defoliation.

The core products that Delaware-based Nichino America produces for Florida fruit and vegetable use include the miticide/insecticide Portal. It controls pests such as Asian citrus psyllids, mites, leafhoppers, mealy bugs and tomato/potato psyllids. Portal is registered for uses in strawberries, citrus, cucumbers, fruiting vegetables, melons, tropical fruits and snap beans.

Vetica, another insecticide, eliminates Lepidopteran insects, which include moths and butterflies. These destructive pests include armyworms, loopers, corn earworms, cutworm species, melonworms, pickleworms, diamondback moth, pinworms, fruit worms, hornworm and imported cabbageworms.

Vetica is registered for uses in cucurbit vegetables, leafy vegetables, brassica (cole) leafy vegetables, fruiting vegetables, succulent beans and strawberries. It also targets Hemipteran insects, including leafhoppers and whiteflies. Hemipteran insects also can cause plant damage.

Nichino America also markets an insect growth regulator, Courier, of interest to Florida growers of cucurbit vegetables, leafy vegetables, brassica (cole) leafy vegetables, fruiting vegetables, succulent beans and strawberries. It offers long-lasting residual control of whiteflies, leafhoppers, planthoppers and mealybugs, while being Integrated Pest Management-friendly.

In addition, Nichino America plans to introduce a new active ingredient, tolfenpyrad, for which registration is pending. Tolfenpyrad is a METI insecticide (IRAC Group 21A) that provides broad-spectrum activity on some of the toughest insect pests. Tolfenpyrad will have two formulations, Apta 15SC for use in citrus and Torac 15EC for use in vegetables.

“The contact activity of Apta provides citrus producers with another effective tool for fast control of adult and nymph populations of ACP and citrus rust mites,” said Dustin Simmons, product manager for Apta.

The main target pest for Torac is controlling thrips in vegetables. “Torac will be a great tool for vegetable growers due to its versatility,” said Botond Balogh of product development. “In thrips management programs, it will provide a much-needed rotational partner.”

“It’s exciting to have two broad spectrum insecticides, Apta and Torac, that can be rotated for effective use on several important insect pests,” added Sam Monroe, technical sales representative.

Most major agricultural retailers sell Nichino America products in Florida. For additional information, visit the company’s website.


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