Helping Mother Nature do what she does

Gonzalo Pozo, owner of FFVA trade associate member company Green Star Environmental Technologies, is all about enzymes … and bacteria. He knows what they can do and how they can help agriculture and other industries. He helped bring the Ergofit MicroMix product to the United States, and he wants to spread the word about how it works.

The Ergofit MicroMix product line helps producers from the ground up — literally. At the core of the products is a bacteria enzymatic blend that works with natural agents in the soil to decompose and rehabilitate toxic waste elements and convert them into viable nutrients.  The technology was developed over a period of 30-plus years by scientists in Italy and is new, thanks to Gonzalo and his team, in the United States this year.

“What we discovered is that given the appropriate microbiology, Mother Nature is able to recreate and repair the soil,” Pozo said. “The Ergo Start Bio product is first applied to the soil so that it restores fertility and removes anything that’s negative. Then we move forward with our nutrient program,” he said.

The key, according to Pozo, is formation of humus. MicroMix products speed up the biochemical reaction and decomposition process of undesirable organic material to convert it to humic matter. It acts somewhat like an earthworm, which bores into soil, aerating it, providing it with beneficial waste products and allowing for more efficient natural processes than can take place in packed soil. This process creates humus. As humic content improves, so does the soil structure, water retention, nutrient conversion and nutrient fixing abilities of the soil.

Technically speaking, MicroMix is a liquid nitric acid organic mineral fertilizer containing enzymes that create catalyzing proteins, which speed up the biochemical reactions and natural decomposing processes of various organic materials into humus.

Not only does the product line work to promote plant growth, it looks to be a promising tool for disease management. Pozo has been testing the MicroMix product line on groves in Clermont that are infected with citrus greening.  He’s excited about what he has seen so far.

“We haven’t been doing this long, but we feel confident that the trees are being returned to their natural state.  We are seeing new foliage, return of color to the leaves and increased fruit retention. Those are very positive signs,” he said.

MicroMix is 100 percent organic and, in addition to agricultural fields, can be used in animal feed lots, hay fields, fish tanks and more. It works for crops such as berries, citrus, grasses, plants and trees. It’s also been used as an environmental cleanup tool in oil spills. “We have converted crude oil into humus,” Pozo said.

Find out more about the MicroMix product line at or email Pozo at You can also reach him at the Green Star Environmental Technologies headquarters in Ocala at (352) 789-1194.

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