Flashback — From The Harvester, Summer 1974

The Harvester to take vacation

This is the last issue of The Harvester that will be published until our September 1974 convention issue. At last it is time for all of us to think about vacations. The Harvester staff invites you to think about the following.

Time to forget the pressures on the job.

Time to relax, have fun in the sun, enjoy.

Time for summer vacation.

Unfortunately, too many of us exchange a good job and a comfortable home for hard driving, too much exercise, and sleeping quarters that provide more regrets than rest.


The object of a vacation is to relax. Too often, however, there is a sigh of relief when it is over.

Perhaps some of us try to cram 52 weeks of living into two … Maybe we drive too far in too short a time … Or it could be that we play or sun or swim or hike more than we are physically able to take.

Whatever the reason, we overdo vacation activities and the result is another painful summer experience.

This summer, then, plan to take it easier, no matter what your neighbors boast of doing. Do only what you and the family honestly want and don’t try to do too much. Finally, take common sense precautions. Everyone wants you back in one piece.

So enjoy your vacation this summer.

That’s why vacations were invented.

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