Flashback From the Harvester, May 1971

— FFVA has its doers —

Do trade associations such as FFVA help?

Certainly it would seem obvious that our answer would have to be in the affirmative. FFVA is not alone in its opinion, however.

A recent article appearing in the Produce Packaging and Marketing Association publication, “Report,” cites a recent survey indicating that 85 percent of all business failures were made up of non-association concerns or businessmen. It would appear that the businessman who rebels against paying association dues is always the first one to criticize and to say that an association does him no good.

“However, he is always in the front line to take the benefits that come his way as a result of the efforts of his association and its dues-paying members. These benefits that come his way don’t just happen but are the result of a lot of hard work and effort by a great number of his fellow members who never give up their efforts to get the job done.

“Enterprise in America never got where it is today through passive acceptance and ‘letting George do it.’ Your association owes its position and stability to a long line of doers. What you do for it today determines how useful it will be for you tomorrow.”

FFVA is proud that within its ranks there are many doers that assure tomorrow’s agri-industry of an association geared to meet its needs.

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