Flashback – From The Harvester, December 1965

– State’s vegetable crops get FFVA eye appeal –

Two teenage Palm Beach County lovelies bared pearly white teeth for the photographer while black dust from harvesting activities swirled around them last month in launching a publicity project to glamourize the Glades.

Project “Glamour in the Glades” featured two shapely brunettes – Chris Fischer, 18, West Palm Beach, and Ann Pickett, 16, Lake Worth – doing many of the activities normal harvesters do, but in a more attractive fashion.

The huge farm acreage of FFVA member Sam Senter was the site of the shutter snapping. The concentrated wide range of harvesting being conducted at Mr. Senter’s farm made it an ideal site. Mule trains, radish harvesting machines and harvesting help going about their chores added authentic background scenery. Featured crops in the pictures were corn, celery, radishes, leaf lettuce and sugar cane.

The two models found it a laughing matter that the scrubbed-white tennis shoes they had started the photography sessions wearing quickly took on a black dust coating to nullify their well-meaning efforts. Nibbling fresh celery was a treat for the girls in the course of their work and the sweet sugar cane proved a delight to their taste buds.

Miss Fischer is a freshman at Palm Beach Junior College and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fischer, 818 Fernwood Drive, West Palm Beach. The 5-foot-7½  brunette has her dark brown eyes set on studying engineering at Cornell. She is presently reigning as Miss Gold Coast Marathon and was Miss Palm Beach County Fair in addition to being second runner-up in the Miss Palm Beach County contest and placing seventh in competition for Miss Florida Universe.  (Note: Fisher became Miss Florida World in 1966.)

Equally as attractive is Miss Pickett, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Pickett, 1123 S. Federal Highway, Lake Worth, a high school junior who is the reigning Miss Palm Beach County Fair. Also a statuesque 5-foot-7, she is a baton twirling queen.

Photographs of the girls in both black and white and color will be slanted toward both state and national usage to publicize the wide array of crops that Florida farmers provide.

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