Flashback – 1966

– From The Harvester, November 1966 –

Keep it Fresh

– “Fresh fruits, vegetables are what consumers want, investigators find”

– In rating what the customer wants in the supermarket or grocery store she shops, according to the Burgoyne Index and the Ohio State University survey, reported in the October edition of Super Market Merchandising, she wants fresh fruits and vegetables that are FRESH.

This sentiment is the leader of the 43 factors that consumers expect to find in supermarkets. These factors, according to the Super Market Institute, represent requests above the average of most factors used in evaluating the modern supermarket.

The purpose of the study was to provide the supermarket operator with an insight based on consumer responses of the relative value of many different supermarket characteristics that are worthy of consideration in any program to increase the ratio of favorite supermarket shoppers, the Burgoyne Index compilers stated.

The compilers recognized that there are different types of shoppers: price shoppers, quality shoppers, convenience shoppers, etc.

Yet there are a number of factors that are common to all types and it is highly important to the supermarket operator to gauge their relative importance so that he can channel the emphasis and the activities of his organization in the right direction.

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