Flashback – FFVA’s 15th annual convention

Flashback 1958

Minutes, FFVA executive committee meeting,  April 11, 1958 –

As the first order of business, Mr. Rudolph Mattson requested that Secretary Joffre David present the management’s recommendations with regard to FFVA’s 15th Annual Convention.

Mr. David explained that inasmuch as convention costs have become higher year by year, considerable study had been given to arrangements that would reduce such expenses without detracting from the high standards and quality already established and expected of FFVA’s convention program.

Alternate plans were thoroughly outlined by Mr. David, but it was suggested by the management, and endorsed by each member of the executive committee, that a $10 package plan, whereby every person attending with the exception of special invited guests, would be charged $10 for a booklet of three tickets to cover special events in the following manner: Breakfast – $1.50, Luncheon – $3.50, and Banquet – $5.00. Should guests prefer to purchase tickets or individual functions, they would have that option, with tickets priced as follows: Breakfast – $2.50, Luncheon – $5.00, Banquet – $10.00.

Therefore, taking into consideration that it has been a poor season for the association, and since members of the executive committee were in complete agreement that definite steps should be taken to curb the trend of rising convention costs, the committee went on record as recommending adoption of the $10 package plan.

Arrangements for a cocktail hour were discussed, and the group was in accord that this event should be scheduled for one hour’s duration, and that two tickets, each of which could be exchanged for one drink during that hour, be included in guests’ registration book. The committee agreed that limited hors d’oeuvres should be ordered, half to be served at the start of the event and the remainder to be served about midway through the party; self-service bars should be placed in several locations throughout the room and tables placed around the perimeter for those who might prefer to be seated; and that the only entertainment provided should be soft, background music.

It was the recommendation of the committee that the hospitality suite should be handled in the same manner as at previous conventions; also, that the selection of the ladies’ activities again should be referred to their committee. Lastly, all members of the group felt that no curtailment should be made in the cost or quality of FFVA convention favors.

Following the above discussion, it was moved by Chandler, seconded by Harllee, and carried unanimously, that the suggestions and recommendations agreed upon by the members of the executive committee, and as outlined above, be adopted for the guidance of the general convention chairman and the management; and further, that the general convention chairman be authorized to appoint appropriate subcommittees to assist in the carrying out of convention programming and activities.

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