Flashback – 1989 – A new beginning

- An original poem by FFVA member Quentin Roe …

The Harvester put out a call for thoughts on the holidays, Christmas memories and reflections on those things that mean the most at this time of year. Quentin Roe was kind enough to share the following.

A time and land so long ago
Our Christmas came without a snow.
Yet it was cold with chilling wind
Against its force none could defend.

Its strength came from the Arctic night
And from first breeze we knew its might.
Siberia and Iceland too
Know this kind of freezing blue.

The lack of heat and energy
The power source that ceased to be.
Ah … yet my story’s way ahead.
I’ll pick up with a warmer thread.

A bright blue morning, early June,
Our youngest son born much too soon.
His little lungs required help
But he endured without a yelp.

The preemie nurses cried with glee
When his time came to be free.
They pulled the tubes and wires out
Although his lungs were still in doubt.

They warned us of the RSV
And yet he caught it easily.
All Children’s was our only hope.
With God’s grace, we learned to cope.

Our little babe began to grow
As fall arrived with leaves aglow.
Yes, life was good and business, too.
Our world seemed a perfect blue.

We thought we knew our lessons through
And yet we left out one or two.
Did we forget to look around?
Or hear the hoof-beats bearing down?

As Christmas Eve came into sight
Our lives became complete with fright.
Was this a nightmare from which to wake?
No, this was real, and made us quake.

This was the “Freeze of ‘89”
With no electric from the line.
The groves were freezing all around.
The winds, they bore a killing sound.

The temperature just kept coming down.
Twenty-five, twenty, then teens abound.
And as our dreams began to fail,
Our house began to moan and wail.

The temperature just kept on falling.
My wife and son just kept on calling,
“Bring firewood to keep us warm.”
In Iceland this might be the norm,
But in this state, who could recall
The pipes were freezing in the wall!

So there she sat in front of fire,
Rocking babe with life’s desire.
To save a life that was so frail,
So desperate that we could not fail.

And yet as night became the dawn
And we resolved to carry on,
We grew in spirit as ne’r before
And found in life an open door.

Out of the cold there grew a flame
That leads our life with truest aim.

-Quentin Roe
Wm. G. Roe & Co.

May we learn from lessons past.
May God’s teachings always last.
For in man’s time he is the light,
Lest we forget, the day turns night.

Read more about the Christmas freeze of 1989 here.


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