Flashback – 1960

– It’s Sweet Corn Time, 1960!

(From United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association “Fresh Forum” publication, created by the United Merchandising Institute)

Golly, everybody loves Florida sweet corn! And it’s here right now – Florida sweet corn enjoys distribution in all the states. The deal’s on, with advertising, publicity and all the trimmings.

Spring’s here too, and Florida Sweet corn is on hand to make spring complete. Folks everywhere go for these tender, well-filled ears of corn from the land where farmers lavish all the attention and care in the world on a crop that’s the delight of people who like good, healthful eatin’ at its best!

One big reason the Florida sweet corn promotion for 1960 is sure to be a whopping success is the careful planning that has gone into the event. The Everglades Sweet Corn Advisory Committee has been hard at work putting final touches to the campaign.

The United Merchandising Institute is happy to cooperate with the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association (retained to administer the 1960 promotion) and the sweet corn growers of the Lake Okeechobee area in the marketing of their wonderful, easy-to-promote product. Got a promotion in mind? Now’s the time to make the most of it.

Special advertising is under way in many major cities. That means you’ve got an extra promotion lift already built in. And remember, anyone can sell Florida sweet corn – it’s that good! But it’s possible to do better than average with just a little thought to the merchandising aspects involved. Florida sweet corn sells swell from mass displays. People love to have a lot to choose from when they buy. Build a big island display, and set it up so you can keep the corn cold and moist. After all, heat can turn a delectable ear of sweet corn into something that’s still good, but not as good as it ought to be!

Be sure to maintain full, well-kept displays at all times. Have the corn trimmed neatly, too. Your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness by buying more.

Oh yes, for point-of-sale material, you have just what the doctor ordered in your UMI sweet corn store display banners. (Take a quick look at your inventory; if your supply is low – for shame! But wire or call UMI, Washington, and your supply will be rushed to you.)

Promote Florida sweet corn for 1960 like never before!

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