Flashback – From The Harvester, July/August 1997


– This spring, FFVA officially launched its site on the World Wide Web. FFVA’s home page (at www.ffva.com) boasts a range of useful features designed to provide information to members, journalists and consumers.

“We recognize that many growers aren’t yet using the Internet on a regular basis to conduct business,” said Mike Stuart, FFVA’s executive vice president. “However, more and more reporters and researchers are using their computers to find out about agriculture.”

Indeed, many news organizations are now using the Internet to research stories about Florida farming. FFVA’s website reaches journalists by offering up-to-date information on newsworthy issues, known on the site as “Hot Topics.” The Hot Topics list provides links to position papers on pesticide use, environmental protection, food safety, farm labor, international trade and other issues. The site’s “Newsroom” link provides a handy reference to recent FFVA news releases.

“Just as many government regulatory agencies post their news and information on the Internet, FFVA is now there to represent Florida growers,” said Ray Gilmer, director of FFVA’s Communications and Education Division. “This site is more than just a simple home page, it is a full-fledged information resource.”

Cost effective

Unlike most other ag industry sites, FFVA’s web page has been exclusively designed and maintained by FFVA staff, reducing costs and further ensuring security.

FFVA Graphic Designer Robert Twomey developed the look and design of the website. In designing each web page, Twomey had two prime objectives: make it functional and make it interesting. “My intent was to create an agricultural site that stood out visually from the rest of the pack,” said Twomey.

“I think Robert has created one of the best ag association sites on the Internet,” said Gilmer.

How to find FFVA on the Internet

Once your computer is properly equipped, Internet access is easy. FFVA’s website address is www.ffva.com. For assistance in establishing Internet access, or for reaching FFVA’s home page, call FFVA’s Communications and Education Division at 407-894-1351. You may contact us via email at info@ffva.com.

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