– From the Harvester, March 1980 –

Florida wage rates increase

– The Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association has announced that wage rates paid Florida’s farmworkers in January 1980 jumped 12 percent over last January. The wage rate for all hired farmworkers, according to the Florida Crop and Livestock Reporting Service, was $4.25 per hour during the survey week – up 46 cents over last January and the second highest of any state in the nation.

For workers paid on a piece-rate basis, the January 1980 earnings averaged $4.90 per hour, the highest of any state in the nation and up 74 cents per hour over last year. Most of Florida’s hired farmworkers are paid on a piece-rate basis in January, the peak of Florida’s harvest season. The next highest state in piece-rate earnings was California, a full 25 cents per hour lower than Florida

“FFVA is extremely pleased that Florida farm employers are paying the highest wage rates in the country,” said George Sorn, FFVA Labor Division manager. Sorn further stated that the wage increase is “…being accomplished without the turmoil that has accompanied the organization of farmworkers in California.”

FFVA is a medium for cooperative unity of effort by producers, shippers, packers and processors of Florida agricultural commodities in their negotiations with public and private agencies.

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