Flashback – 1967

— From The Harvester, April 1967

— Spring directors meeting focuses on making farm jobs more attractive —

The spring meeting of the FFVA board of directors was held last month in the Orlando auditorium.

Items on the agenda given serious consideration were: recommendations of the finance committee; commodity committee reports; inspection fees committee report; licensing and bonding committee report; plans and proposals for the 1967 Legislature; the preliminary report on the 1967 convention; and a membership report.

President Wedgworth issued a statewide drive to make farm jobs more attractive.

A formal resolution calling for stepped-up progress in the farm labor field was then adopted by the board. It would, in essence, intensify efforts to take advantage of all technological developments in hope that both the quality and the stability of the farm workforce would be improved.

In addition to calling for grower efforts to improve housing conditions and job safety, the resolution urged agricultural producers to search for means of making farm jobs more attractive, to provide sanitary toilet facilities near field work areas, and to see that workers supplied by crew leaders are treated as fairly as those in the direct employ of the farmer.

Safe transport of workers to and from their jobs is also one of the objectives of the resolution.

It was agreed that FFVA will act as an information exchange center to alert members of innovations introduced by any producer so that the industry may take full advantage of new ideas.

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