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FFVA talked with Linda Lindenberg, senior sales representative for Eastern Florida and the Central Ridge

In the constant battle to produce fruit and vegetables in Florida producers have an ally: Dow AgroSciences.

Dow AgroSciences employs several state residents to serve the Florida farmers who produce food, fuel and fiber for the world, including field scientist Alejandro Calixto, and sales representatives Scott Houk, Bo Mathis, Jerry Nance and Linda Lindenberg. Dow AgroSciences supports their work and invests in the success of Florida growers with steadfast dedication to protecting their crops.

“The priorities of agricultural producers are our priorities,” said Lindenberg. “That sounds like something a company simply would say but might have a tougher time doing. At Dow AgroSciences, we’re doing it.”

Evidence of that lies in the new crop protection materials now available to Florida growers.

“We’ve been launching at least one new product a year for the past six years with more to come,” said Lindenberg, senior sales representative for Eastern Florida and the Central Ridge.  “That’s a little unusual. You don’t see that happening much today but Dow AgroSciences has been able to do it.”

What this means for Florida growers is they have the tools they need to produce food, fiber and fuel for the world.

For instance, Lindenberg points to a few of the products citrus producers likely use in their operations: “In the citrus market, our products are Delegate® WG insecticide Lorsban® Advanced insecticide, Intrepid® 2F insecticide and  Enable® 2F fungicide.”

Not only are the products effective against pests, they have received recognition for their respect for people, beneficial insects and the environment. “The active ingredients in Intrepid 2F, Radiant and Delegate have received the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Award because they’re environmentally friendly, maintain most beneficial insects and are easy around workers,” said Lindenberg. 

Dow-GreenhouseCheckPlantsth“For example, Intrepid 2F targets Lepidopteran species such as leafminer. Intrepid 2F can be applied while the citrus tree is in full bloom, even as the bee is in the bloom foraging,” said Lindenberg.

“That’s very unusual because most products don’t make a distinction between organisms that are beneficial versus those that are harmful.” Intrepid 2F works on leafminers in citrus and also on destructive worms in vegetables.

Lorsban Advanced, Lindenberg said, is useful on multiple pests. “Lorsban Advanced at five pints will get the Asian citrus psyllid, which is the vector for citrus greening disease, as well as take care of adult rust mites, scales, mealybugs and many other pests. That’s why it’s been around a long time,” Lindenberg said.

Enable is effective on greasy spot, scab and sooty mold, actually killing the sooty mold fungus rather than simply wiping it from the fruit.

As a Group 5 insecticide, Delegate offers citrus growers resistance management option with high efficacy on thrips, Asian citrus psyllids and leafminers. Delegate also is a green chemistry that helps growers hold on to populations of Tamarixia radiate, the beneficial wasp that also decimates ACP populations.

Dow AgroSciences focuses on Florida vegetables with products such as Intrepid 2F (mentioned above) and Radiant® SC insecticide for thrips, worms and leafminers. Radiant SC also has received the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Award. Quintec® fungicide is an industry standard for powdery mildew control and Rally® 40WSP fungicide is effective for powdery mildew and also offers control of rust and pod tip rot in snap beans, Lindenberg said.

“Telone is also used by Florida growers as a soil fumigant,” she added. Telone® C-35, Telone® C-17 and Inline® are essential to fruit and vegetable production in Florida, especially as growers look for materials to replace methyl bromide. Telone products provide effective nematode control, have short plant-back restrictions and can be combined with an effective herbicide program.

Telone formulations containing chloropicrin also provide fungicidal activity on many soil-borne diseases.

Lindenberg notes Dow AgroSciences also is the leader in range and pasture in the United States and North America. “We have products for the control of most herbaceous and woody plants such as dog fennel, tropical soda apples, thistles, pigweeds, flat-top goldenrod and more.”

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